Our Passion

We offer the Best of Cream Of The Craft. Like our finest work
  • Cute Flower Arrangments

    We have our line of Snowy Flower arrangements. Arranged in glass containers, wire twisted baskets and cute vials.
  • Ship and Deliver

    We deliver within Cebu and we Ship nationwide.
  • Personlized Giveaway

    Using our creative resources, we conceptualize a unique design for your event. We make them ( with love ) and ship it to you.

Our Best Offers

Here are the best things you can get from us.
₱ 799

DIY Package

Craft Lovers who wanna try arranging snowy flowers
100 pieces snowy flowers + FREE 5 pieces + FREE moss + FREE floral foam
₱ 2,499

Reseller Package

Introduce Snowy flowers in your own communities. Be a reseller with this starter package.
500 pieces snowy flowers + FREE 25 pieces + FREE moss + FREE floral foam
₱ 4,499

Reseller Package 2

Snowy Flowers for everyone who likes to be a reseller in their own location
1000 pieces snowy flowers + FREE 50 pieces + FREE moss + FREE floral foam
₱ 11,249

Subdistributor Package

Subdistributorship for those who want to start their own flower shop
3000 pieces snowy flowers + FREE 150 pieces + FREE moss + FREE floral foam
₱ 10 per piece


Try a flower and and see the magic
we are also offerring snowy flowers per piece