Cream of the Craft Originals: Teddy 'n Basket

##Teddy ‘n Basket a Cream of the Craft Original

It was one of those days when I strolled with my husband, Ian, around Cebu to find inspirations for new designs.

Would you believe that this basket with a cute bear on it is actually a pen holder? Yes. It is! It was stacked at the bottom of the shelf as if nobody ever noticed how cute they are. They looked so lonely there with other random items neglected by anyone who passes by the display.

###Imaginations sparked the moment I saw it. Can’t wait to go home and put our lovely Snowy Flowers in it.

1st Teddy 'n Basket

1st Teddy 'n Basket

This is the first version of our Teddy 'n Basket. He looks bear-y cute!

And indeed, they just look good together. It became a beautiful craft and anyone who’ll receive it will surely love them too. So in November of 2014, we have released one of the cutest design you can find made with love by Cream of the Craft. It’s interesting and humbling to see our Teddy ‘n Basket widely embraced by both Snowy Flowers lovers and other sellers too. This design has come a long way and has reached more and more people.

Teddy 'n Basket for our Parkmall Exhibit

Teddy 'n Basket for our Parkmall Exhibit

We made around 50 pieces of our original Teddy 'n Basket designs for our Valentines Exhibit in Parkmall

So, try to rummage on your old stocks. You might be able to find an old candle holder that was given as a gift to you few years ago. Try to put some Snowy Flowers in it and the flowers will surely give life to your old stuffs at home. 

###Snowy Flowers only are available for your D-I-Y needs.

Your Turn, What can you say?