About the Crafter

How it all began

Crafting has always been a “love-at-first-try” for me. The first time I held a needle and learned how to stitch was at an age when I’m still learning how to read and right. (Can’t actually remember how old I was). My cousin who regularly baby sits me must be responsible for this. (Thank you, Nang Gina :* ) She is very good in baby-sitting. How does she do it? - To keep me in my chair, she gave me trimmings of her aida cloth a needle, some of her colorful thread and patterns. I started making small flowers, balls until I made cartoon characters , larger designs and incorporated beads. I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishing a pattern and have it framed.

A neat and clean work is a must. Nang Gina always reminds me to have uniform x-stitches. If it’s right over left, then that must be consistent all through out. And even the back portion of my work must be neat too. As if it’s all running stitch at the back and a beautiful craft in front.


That “love-at-first-try” gradually snowballed to a passion. So I enjoyed doing my school projects, made my own invites for my 18th birthday, styled and detailed our Nautical themed wedding and D-I-Y for my sons’ christening and birthdays.

Then, friends started to ask help on their D-I-Ys too. And questions like, “Why don’t you start an events coordinating business?”, “Can you make embellished lanterns for my wedding too?”, “Do you accept events?” and etc.

Those questions were answered few years later. We have learned about a unique flower called, Snowy Flowers, and I just felt a whole new excitement inside me. I just fell in love with them and I wanted to integrate them into our crafts.

And so, in October 2014, *Cream of the Craft began…

*From the Idiomatic expression - Cream of the Crop, which means best of the best.

Your Turn, What can you say?