How it Started

Our Story

We love crafting, we’ve been thinking of a way to express our creative works and share it to everyone. And in September of 2014, we discovered something new and unique. We found out about Snowy Flowers. A special flower that we thought everyone would love. From then on, there was excitement.

We immediately connected with a new found friend in Malaysia. We asked him if he can ship some flowers to us and see how we can make something out from it. When it arrived, it was beautiful.. It was something we have not seen before; it was very unique.

These flowers were very cute, so we thought instead of putting this in a vase, we can place this inside small containers. We love glass, they are elegant. And what better way to emphasize the flowers than putting it inside these elegant glass containers.

From there, were curated a couple of designs and created some of our own designs.

We love discoveries, We love details, we love arts, we love innovation.


We created our page in October of 2014. We introduced it with our closes friends and we are very happy that they liked it. They liked it for its cuteness. They liked the unique concept and they shared it to there friends as well.

It was very overwhelming, we received tons of positive feedbacks from those who got the flowers and those who made some arrangements of their own.

Discovering us

We also want you to have an exciting discovery. It’s more than the flowers, it’s more than crafting, it’s all about connecting with you. You discovering us is something very special to us and thanks to these flowers, we made a beautiful connection.

Your Turn, What can you say?