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Is made with Love

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Think. Craft. Inspire.

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All is well at the end

If it is not well then it is not the end

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Why we do what we do

We believe in the beauty of handmade crafts. We believe that there is creativity in each one of us. We love details and everything we do is made with love. And what better way to express our finest crafts than making them with Snowy Flowers.

All Laced Up!

Gold and white motif is an elegant choice. So, the right materials that would best fit their theme were carefully...

Bejeweled Teddy Bears | Embellished Candy Jars

An explosion of creativity, resourcefulness and innovation is all we need to come up with a design that’s adorable and...

Just got Shabby Chic’d

As unique, interesting and challenging as the wedding-theme, “Shabby Chic”, implies, we got overly excited in transforming our Snowy Flowers...

Helloooo, Summer!

These bright colored sprinklers with Snowy Flowers are just perfect for this Summer.

Cream of the Craft Originals: Teddy 'n Basket

It’s interesting and humbling to see our Teddy ‘n Basket widely embraced by both Snowy Flowers lovers and other sellers...

About the Crafter

That “love-at-first-try” gradually snowballed to a passion. So I enjoyed doing my school projects, made my own invites for my...

How it Started

We love discoveries, We love details, we love arts, we love innovation.
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a Bowl of Love

Snowy Flowers in a Glass Bowl. This arragement comes with 30 pieces of flowers. They are best as a token of appreciation. The fishes will surely envy the flowers. They've taken over their space.
₱ 599

Meet Teddy

Say Hello to Teddy! Teddy 'n a Basket is one of our original designs. Teddy looks cute holding 20 flowers in his belly. This is best for your special someone. Be it an anniversary or a birthday present. This surely will melt her heart.
₱ 599

Elegant Sphere

Snowy Flowers in a Glass Ball. This elegant arragement comes with 30 pieces of snowy flowers. They are best as a token of appreciation. This will surely paint a smile in her face.
₱ 699

Our Services

We put on our creative thinking hats and come up with the best handmade crafts for you.
  • Cute Flower Arrangments

    We have our line of Snowy Flower arrangements. Arranged in glass containers, wire twisted baskets and cute vials.
  • Ship and Deliver

    We deliver within Cebu and we Ship nationwide.
  • Personlized Giveaway

    Using our creative resources, we conceptualize a unique design for your event. We make them ( with love ) and ship it to you.
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